We would be happy to help

We would love to help you out any paper way we can. The more challenging or outragious the idea, the better we like them so don't hesitate to tell us about your dreams. Or the project that needs a bit of paper pezzazz.

Papertoy Commission

If you truly want something unique we can create, design and if you want produce a customized model with a customized skin for your purposes. We could go the whole nine yards all the way to double-sided-print, pre-cut and pre-creased, but we should discuss that first. Surely we will do it in tight collaboration to come with not only something special, but fitting the project as well. Look around here and especially our Flickr-stream to get inspired.

Rent a Papertoy

Spice up your convention, party, event or anything imaginable with an already created, but customized papertoy. You will get a unique customized PDF-file of any model you choose to bring to your local printer. What a way to enliven your event and leave all contestants/visitors with something to bring home! You can choose almost any of the models featured at our Flickr-Gallery and contact us for terms and conditions on how to get these models fit for your event.

Have an exhibition

As part of the Urban Paper Collective we've organized and hosted several shows around the world. Keep in mind papertoys are small, but still we can fill up a large space. Or we can add a workshop to liven things up. Or simply go B.I.G. We've been there.