Maarten Janssens
Maarten Janssens
3eyedbear himself
At the centre of the operation, Maarten creates, designs and produces everything paper-related. He's the one with the paper-cuts.
FAQ 3EyedBear
What is 3EyedBear?

3Eyedbear is little home-based paper-engineering designstudio in

Who is 3EyedBear?

3Eyedbear is the online pseudonym for Maarten Janssens, an artist with a background in comic-, animation and gamedesign. You can Google "Visual Input" if you want to see what he does during the day.

Why 3EyedBear?

As 3EyedBear, Maarten is able to combine all he loves and knows. To create characters, creatures and worlds with the beloved material of delicate paper. To have something real in his hands after sitting behind a computer all day is quite rewarding.

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