Arnsberg, August 1st/2nd

For the fourth time, Kunstsommer has asked the UPC to bring the Urban Paper show to the Sauerland Museum in Arnsberg (Germany). 3Eyedbear will bring all the stuff he has created in the past year, like his animals for Kadoorie Zoo and WWF, orchids for the Smithsonian Institute and all the loose and freestyle stuff he has been working on. In the workshop you can build his custom #UP15 parrot and a lot of exclusive models will be for sale. Like this creature here (we are planning to have it be cut by a machine in front of your eyes!).
Oh, and the bear will bring himself too. Don’t be shy to shake hands and say ‘Hello!’

Think Fast!

3Eyedbear created an out-of-this-world turbo-turtle-toy (or something close to that) for Urban Paper Collective. It’s to create awareness for the almost extinct Golden Coin Turtle too so race for it and enjoy this unlucky chelonian at home. For free!


To push up the new Collective‘s portfolio of models, I created this big-eared platform-toy for 2D artists and designers to do their creating in a third dimension. This way ALL of the worlds artists can chip in a new model for the website to begin start building up momentum. A quite nifty scheme, but since all of us get a nice friendly little army of artistic toys in return to collect, exhibit all over the globe, like and share AND with the chosen mint canvas of the majestic elephant as a (sad) reminder of the wild species being endangered to become extinct (!) I am sure good Karma will come this way.

Join the party!

Urban Paper Collective

Last year at the Sauerland Museum in Arnsberg me and my dear paperfriends concluded that we had created a very successful show over the past years and decided to join forces to try and reach even higher highs. We came up with Urban Paper Collective to accommodate more complex (international) logistics and opened a bigger ‘Welcome!’-portal into what we love doing and sharing:
It’s worth a visit, because we plan to launch a free exclusive toy EVERY MONTH! We will also let you look behind the paper-scenes, tell you what’s up over there and show you what’s hot. And what’s not. It’s designed to be some sort of ‘the Very Best of Us’ and it looks shiny fresh too.

And guess what: I have the honour to kick off with the first papertoy and set the bar. This year, our theme will be ‘Circus’ and what would a circus be without a clown? You can get the toy for a limited time only at UPC so hurry up before you only can get it through one of the books we also plan to publish.

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to my friends: Abz, AG Papertoys, Cubeecraft, Merrci, MCK, Nick Knite, Sal Azad, st Hellvis, Tougui and (honorary member) Marshall Alexander and you decide if we mean business.

Calendar 2014

As a tradition we bring yet another cutting edge calendar to be sure our fans are punctual and planned. And it’s a jewel on your desk too. This bling-ring will tell you all there is to know about dates and days. For a whole whopping year long! That’s right. We believe your boss will gladly allow you to create this cool tool in his time, so he is sure you won’t forget what day his birthday is. And watch your girlfriend react when you present it on your knees! Tell us all about it.

Go get it tiger!

And a fabulous new year to everyone!

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