The Snorfs are your friendly little home-gnomes to brighten up any place. They are small and quite easy to assemble so we believe we did all we could to have you build him a friend. And another one. Or fourteen! And since we are design-savy, we’ve created many different colours to choose from. Your friends will be amazed about how magazine-worthy AND funny your crib looks like. We also made sure to hand-pick our Snorfs from all around the globe, because the interwebs simply makes a world small. You see? We try to make EVERYone a happy camper. We can not help it. Don’t forget to share your adventures and photos with us. Download them all!: Aiden, Anibal, Bob, Cho, Deepak, Jamir, Jin, Juchin, Knut, Kunikpok, Sameer, Sproet, TJ, Ulrich, Willy, Santa
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