Cleaning out the closet

Last months seemed to have been very quiet? Au contraire, but a lot of stuff got prioritized over posting, that’s all. Headquarters moved to a new place on the other side of town (A place that got to be build first) and to another server in cyberspace. We still are looking in boxes for stuff we lost during the move a few weeks ago and get confronted with little bugs, but we feel confident to pick up things where we left them, to begin with some custom designs.

First of all we were happy to be invited to produce another custom-bear to celebrate the joyous fact an immensely huge bear-statue got revealed in the pro-active ‘New West’-part of Amsterdam. Everyone could bring home a tiny version of the same sleepy colossus thanks to designer Iwan Daniëls. If you don’t mind the Dutch gibberish, just click ‘download’ on this page to get your own bear and complete your collection.

Also, lovely Darla, master-chef from sweet pie heaven Bakingdom customized Howie Owl into 3 new Harry Potter characters Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. You can also bake a cake (or ten!) while you are at it getting these beauties (scroll down to the end of the post).


Another new bear-custom was sent to us by French designer Merrci. From being a fanatic papertoy-collector, he naturally moved up via customizing to designing (great) kits of his own. He’s an example to us all, thankks for that   :) Get his custom here.

Piece of cake Valentines day


Samantha Eynon did two lovely versions of E-Cake for us to sink our teeth in building them for our sweethearts. And just in time for Valentines day. A cuty pie she is herself. Very well done: ‘Your Sweet’ and ‘Happy Birthday’ can be downloaded right here.

Pandacrew x 3Eyedbear

etc3eb1Pandacrew, the streetart-collective from Paris, grabbed some of our platform-toys to tag their infamous Panda onto. With determination to dominate the world leaving their mark combined with the ease to travel through desolated cyber-space it was only a matter of time before they would reach these shores…
Stage got pimped by both Ant and Etc. Etc. also transformed the bear into a futuristic biomechanical lighthouse he called ‘Headlight-Bot’. Wow!

L1100108Luckily for us, these 3 great new customs can be downloaded by simple clicking on the images.


Rodrigo del Papel, exposition

Rodrigo_ExhibitionFrom March 30th for two weeks you can see what paper-doctors have done to Rodrigo de Papel, a character designed by French graphic artist Guillaume-Tougui-Pain. The line-up is A-ok so if you are in Paris to visit Le Louvre, you might as well hop into sub11 and check what’s happening in the art-scene right now at Dune Café .

We did a custom too, something with a TV and 3EyedBear-channel playing I believe, but you will have to go to find out, Right?  ;)

(Click the banner to get to see the poster)

-Download them all!
-Photos by Café Dune here.


3EyedBear by Vinsart

VinsArtBearBigLook at this fine steampunk-era bear! It’s designed by Vincent from Vinsart and we love it so much we adopt him into the 3Eyedbear-family. Maybe we can help him with the eye he probably broke during transmission in cyberspace. But that’s another era  :)

Go download it here.

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